I will teach you in this tutorial how to create a retro website splash for the main page of your website by using brushes, text effects, and just plain style!

Vector Retro Splash Page

Start off by creating 500 x 400 px document. Fill it in with light blue (#8FBCFF). You should have a document as seen below:

Then I went on to DeviantArt to find some nice Retro Brushes that I liked, and found some really cool ones by Eli Burford, that can be found at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/59553360/. Download those and install them, then make one stroke, it should cover the whole document, and you should now have something like below:

Apply the following Layer Style effect to the retro brush layer:

Now we have to create a faded white rectangle box to go behind our website’s name text. Grab your Rounded Rectangle Tool and make a square in the middle of the document about 180 x 54 px. Set its opacity to 70-85%. Your image should look similar to this:

Next I picked out a nice font that I’ve always liked called VAGRounded BT and typed the website’s name. Which happened to be “Retro” for this example. I used the font at size 60, and placed it on top of the rectangle we just made. Now apply the following text styles to the font:

Inner Shadow:

Gradient Overlay:


you should have something like this:

The next thing I did was type in small letters “Beta” with the same font used above, but placed it in the upper right hand corner of the “Retro” website name. Apply a Stroke as seen below…

…and you will get something like this:

It is now time to add the options which people will be able to click on to go on to the website. I decided I wanted “Website” and “Forums“, I’m just going to type this out with a nice font. I used a font named Huxtable at size 48. Type it out and apply the following effects:

Color Overlay:


Your final result should look something like this:

Remember you can experiment with different settings to achieve cooler looking results.