In this tutorial you will learn how to cut out a piece of the picture and turn the rest of the picture black & white to turn the focus point to the colored person.

Step 1:
Above is the original image that I will be working with in this tutorial. I will be turning all of the picture black and white, but leaving the kid the same color as before. Start off by finding your own picture. I found mine at

Step 2:
After you have found yourself an image to work with, pull out your Lasso tool. If using the lasso tool is tough for you, try using the Magnetic Lasso tool. Carefully using one of the tools select around the kid without picking pieces of the snow off.Step 3:
After you have fully selected around the kid or the object in your own picture, hit CTRL+C to copy and then thit CTRL+V to paste it back in the same position. Now you have the kid on another layer.

Step 4:
Now go back to the original background layer and hit CTRL+U to open up a Hue & Saturation window. Now move the middle option all the way to the left to turn the image black and white.
Step 5:
Keep the kid layer the same and now look at it. Can you tell the difference? Above is a small animation first showing the colored, then the black and white one. Let’s see if you can do the same!