Superstitions1.  If a bee flies into your house it means you will have a visitor; if you harm or kill the bee, you will have an unpleasant visit with this person.

2.  It is only good luck to pick up a coin if the “heads” side is up.

3.  Pictures or photographs of elephants will bring good luck if their trunks are facing a door.

4.  It is considered bad luck to poke your knitting needles through a ball of yarn. Whoever wears or uses the garment you eventually knit from that yarn will meet with misfortune.

5.  If an unmarried girl catches a ladybug and releases it, her future husband will come from the direction in which the ladybug flies away.

6.  If you make a wish while burning onions, your wish will come true.

7.  If you drop a pair of scissors, your spouse is having an affair.

8.  To ensure fidelity, place a swan’s feather inside the pillow of your spouse (especially if you’ve been dropping scissors!).

9.  If you drop an umbrella in your home, it means that there will be a murder there.

10.  If three people have their picture taken together, the one who will die first is the one in the middle.