Death SuperstitionsIf a bird flies into your house, it’s a sure sign of death.

When passing a cemetery, hold your breath or you will breath in the spirit of someone that had recently been buried.

The gates of Heaven are open on Christmas Eve; therefore if any person should die on that night they will go straight to Heaven.

A twitching left eye means death in the family.

If you hear thunder immediately after a funeral, that person’s soul has entered Heaven.

Flowers grow on a good person’s grave; weeds grow on an evil person’s grave.

Watch for death to occur to someone in the house if a mirror should fall and break.

Impending death is a warning if you should see a white moth in the house.

A picture grouping of three, the middle person will die before the end of the year.

Never set the table for 13 people, death will visit before the end of the year.

Someone will be murdered in the house if an umbrella is dropped onto the floor.