Weird JobsHate your job? Thinking now is the time for a new career? Or maybe you’re actively seeking employment. The search for a job that will pay the bills can be frustrating- but imagine having one of these job titles!

Chicken sexer: How would you like to be the one who sorts through baby chicks to determine whether they’re male or female?

Laughter therapist: Not just for comedians anymore! A laughter therapist actually teaches people to laugh-at themselves and the world- in order to better their mental health and spiritual well-being!

Hair boiler: Imagine coming home after a hard days’ work, smelling like your job as someone who boils animal hair for a living!

Vermiculturist: Ahem- worm farmer. Need anymore be said about that?

Cheese sprayer: It’s hard not to feel like the ‘Big Cheese’ when you’re in charge of the spray hose that controls spraying layers of cheese on popcorn!

Blueberry counter: You know what they say – too many blueberries spoil the pot!

Odor judgers:  You’ve gotta have some sort of fetish to want to smell somebody’s funky pits for deodorant effectiveness!

Eye bank procurer: Gathering eyes and corneas for transplants and research, ya see?

Fish liver sorter: Just like it sounds- with buckets for livers of different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Still convinced you have the worst job ever? It could be worse! But hey – if it pays the bills…