Bigfoot Capital of the World

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Willow Creek, California, has the distinction of being named the “Bigfoot Capital of the World.”  Located in Humboldt County, Willow Creek is a mountain community.  Additionally, it is located on the Trinity River.  Willow Creek is located to the north of San Francisco.

This town has held the name since the 1950s when a logger brought a plaster cast of a large footprint thought to belong to Bigfoot into the town.  He discovered the footprint near some of the logging camp’s equipment.

Who or what exactly is Bigfoot?  For over four hundred years, sightings in North America of a strange creature have caused a stir.  The creature is reported to have a large body that is completely covered with hair.  Bigfoot leaves large footprints that resemble the footprints of a human with large feet.
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Very Superstitious – 10 Unusual Superstitions

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Superstitions1.  If a bee flies into your house it means you will have a visitor; if you harm or kill the bee, you will have an unpleasant visit with this person.

2.  It is only good luck to pick up a coin if the “heads” side is up.

3.  Pictures or photographs of elephants will bring good luck if their trunks are facing a door.
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Death Superstitions

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Death SuperstitionsIf a bird flies into your house, it’s a sure sign of death.

When passing a cemetery, hold your breath or you will breath in the spirit of someone that had recently been buried.

The gates of Heaven are open on Christmas Eve; therefore if any person should die on that night they will go straight to Heaven.

A twitching left eye means death in the family.
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Luck and Horseshoe Trivia

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HorseshoeHorseshoes have long been associated with luck. Use these helpful hints to keep your home safe and promote good luck.

* Hang a horseshoe over your door to bring good luck.

* A horseshoe hung over a door or on the porch will bring you good luck.
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Ladders and Bad Luck

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LadderMany people are superstitious about walking under a ladder. Here are a few trivia facts about the superstition.

* For centuries, walking under a ladder has been believed to bring bad luck. Many people today still believe this superstition.

* If you walk under a ladder that is leaning against a wall, you are breaking the symbol of life, which is a triangle.
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When the Ghost Walks

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SuperstitionEvery profession has its superstitions, but none more so than show business. I grew up backstage, and my earliest lessons centered on what NOT to do.

It was considered unlucky to whistle in the dressing room. Whoever was standing near the door would probably die, or worse, get the sack. So to appease the Theatre Gods, the whistler would have to stand outside the dressing room door, turn round three times, and say “white rabbits.

Passing another performer on the stairs could also result in something dire, like a sandbag falling on your head from the flies, and so we would have to employ another spell breaker, touching the other person’s shoulder and saying “white rabbits” very quickly. It worked every time. As far as I can recall, no one was ever hit with a sandbag at any of the theatres we played.
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