Useless Facts About Shaving

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ShavingIf you’ve always wanted to know how many hairs are removed from a man’s face by shaving, you’re in luck! Can you believe the prehistoric man shaved too? This article is filled of shaving facts, that may be useless but at least you’ll know.

1. The average shave will trim away somewhere between 20,000-25,000 hairs from a man’s face.

2. Shaving cream was only made for men until the industry specifically targeted women in 1986 by manufacturing the whipped magic specifically for women!

3. Shaving cream didn’t always come in aerosol cans; the method wasn’t even introduced until 1950.
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Ten Alternative Uses for Hairspray

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HairsprayMore than just for bouffant hairdos, hairspray has other uses as well.  Ten such uses are:

* Ladies, fix a run in your pantyhose or stockings in a pinch by spraying with the strongest hold spray you have

* Spilled ink or dye (non-chlorine) can often be removed by applying hairspray before washing

* If you’re all out of Raid and need to get rid of a spider, hairspray that bug
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Fragrance Facts

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PerfumeWomen – and men – have been using scents since the ancient Egyptian days, and before.  Even the three wise men chose the coveted scented oils, myrrh and frankincense, as presents at the birth of Christ.  How much do you know about fragrances?  Test your knowledge with these fragrance facts.

1. True perfume is the costliest of fragrances and contains 22 percent of essential oils.  Eau de perfum contains between 15 and 22 percent, and Eau de Toilette contains 8 and 15 percent.

2. The city of Grasse, in the south of France, is considered the perfume capital of the world.  Fields of lavender, used in many fragrances, grace this region.
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10 Sparkling Nail Polish Facts

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Nail Polish¢ The most expensive nail polish in the world is made out of platinum, the introductory bottle is also made out of this cool metal and it is valued at $55,000. Limited edition bottles are valued at $250.00

¢ One of the common chemicals found in nail polish is dibutyl phthalate. The European Union has banned this chemical. Manufactures are removing this chemical and reformulating the polish.

¢ An unopened bottle of nail polish is reported to have a shelf life of 1 year.
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