Facts about Rogue Sharks: Are They Man Eaters?

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SharkIn recent years, movies such as Jaws have sparked much controversy over rogue sharks. This and the historical records that give statistics on shark attacks, like those in 1916 off the shores of New Jersey, have increased the myths and urban legends about rogue sharks attacking humans.

What is a Rogue Shark?

Myth proclaims a rogue shark is one that preys on humans deliberately. It moves through the ocean, not staying within the boundaries of its territory. It displays a behavior that is not typical of its species and stays in a particular area for days at a time where it attacks and kills unsuspecting humans.

Do Rogue Sharks Exist?

No one can say for certain that rogue sharks don’t exist, but they do not prey on humans in the way mentioned above. Some sharks do exhibit bizarre behavior; sometimes because they are hurt or sick. They act differently at these times just as we do when we are hurt or sick. Sharks will also move out of their territory when ocean currents cool, warm or change. Why? Because sharks follow their natural prey.
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Weird Wildlife Facts

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Wildlife* Hummingbirds can fly, but they can not walk.

* Donkeys can be dangerous. More people are killed by donkeys than plane crashes.

* Whether they have one hump or two, all camels have a straight spine.

* Sharks eggs are larger than any egg in existence.
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Fun Facts about Kangaroos

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KangaroosKangaroos are marsupial mammals, meaning, they are warm-blooded animals who raise their offspring in a pouch on the mother’s tummy.

Kangaroos are native to Australia where most marsupials live. 

Kangaroos are divided into red and gray species.  Red kangaroos thrive in the desert regions of the continent; gray kangaroos range in the grassy forests of Eastern and Western Australia.
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Facts About the Black Bear

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Black BearDid you know that the Black Bear can actually be white, chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde in color?  Did you know that the cubs of The Black Bear only way between 1/2 and 1 pound when born?  Here are some more interesting facts about Black Bear.

The adult Black Bear can weigh between 90 and 880 pounds.  The females are smaller than the males.

At the age of 4 or 5, the Black Bear will breed and continue every 2 to 3 years.  Black Bear cubs are usually born in the winter months.
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Frog Facts

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FrogThe common frog (native to mainland Britain) can breathe through its skin.

Frogs legs are a culinary delicacy in France.

The worlds biggest frog, the Goliath can be found in Cameroon in Africa.

The Goliath frog can grow up to one foot long and weigh more than seven pounds.
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Getting Deep: Facts and Trivia about Oceans

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OceanConsidered by many as the earth’s last wilderness, the oceans are filled with both marvels and mysteries.  The following offerings relate to everything from tidal pools to seafloors-and all the marine wonders in between.

Earth’s oceans contain approximately 324 million cubic miles of seawater.  It is also believed that the earth’s oceans formed over four billion years ago.

Nautiluses, like many sea creatures, rely on a combination of carbon and oxygen in the seawater to form their shells.
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Fascinating Frog Facts

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FrogThere is more to frogs than meets the bulging eye.  Frogs have survived the test of time and can still be found in most parts of the world. Check out these interesting frog facts:

* A frog’s eye can see in almost any direction.

* A frog’s tongue is attached at the front of the mouth instead of the rear, and is covered with a sticky substance to catch and trap its prey.
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Fun Facts About the Blue Whale

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Blue WhaleAmong all of the whale species in the world one of the most fascinating may very well be the blue whale and here are a few facts to show you why.

1. The blue whale is the largest living creature on earth!

2. The longest blue whale ever recorded was 108 feet in length.

3. Blue whales can tip the scales at 100-150 tons in weight and the females are usually heavier.
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Amazing Alligator Facts

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There is more to an alligator than its scary teeth, powerful tail, and daunting size. Get alligator savvy with these amazing alligator facts:

* Alligators have 80 teeth in total; 40 on the top and 40 on the bottom.

* Alligators are born with an ‘egg tooth’ which is a hard piece of epidermis located on the tip of its nose. The egg tooth is used to break the egg upon hatching and is absorbed in a few weeks after birth.

* Alligators have a third eyelid that protects its eyes underwater.
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Facts About Dust Mites

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MitesHave you ever heard the saying, “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”  What they were talking about is the dust mites.  These little creatures will live in your homes, preferably in your bed, and feed off what you leave behind.  The following are some facts about the dust mites.

The dust mite is microscopic and can only be seen with the assistance of a microscopic lens.

The dust mite has a translucent body and is only about 300 microns long. 

Dust mites feed on dead skins cells from humans and animals. 
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Celebrate Cat Facts This Halloween!

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Cat on HalloweenHalloween and cats go hand in hand and you may be surprised to know a few facts about cats. Beware when trick or treating; you never know where a cat may be lurking!

1. Ever wonder why a cat sees in pitch-black dark? It’s because their eyes take light in and reflect if back out … like a flashlight!

2. Did you know that a cat’s whiskers could detect even the tiniest of creatures? A cat can detect any kind of movement up to 2000 times smaller than the width of the hair on your head

3. Ever wondered why cats constantly lick themselves clean after eating? A cat has natural instincts derived from the wild and this instinct tells them to wash away food scent to keep predators at bay.
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The Bilby – Easter Symbol

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BilbyWhite, furry bunnies are a historic symbol of Easter.  People love them – except in Australia.  It is hard to think of these adorable animals as unwanted but Australians learn quite early about the threat of rabbits to wildlife and farms. Rabbits are not native to Australia and became a major pest here when they were introduced in 1859, because they destroy the pasture and habitat of native wildlife and denuding native plants.  Scientists tried to get rid of these feral creatures by introducing viruses but so far nothing has really worked.  In some states even keeping rabbits as pets is illegal.

This is why campaigns have grown in Australia to replace the rabbit with a native animal – the bilby.  This may have begun when children’s author, Rose-Mary Dusting introduced the Billy Bilby character in the late 70’s. Bilbies look cute too with their long pointed snouts and ears and blue-grey fur.  Their long black and white tail makes them look a little like a bandicoot. These unusual little marsupials are nocturnal and live in burrows.  They eat insects, fungi and plant bulbs.  Unlike the rabbits bilbies are not good breeders and usually have only two young ones.
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Cool Facts About Killer Bees

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BeesKiller bees, or Africanized bees, are aggressive insects that have been known to chase a person or an animal up to a quarter of a mile.  The following facts demonstrate the fierce quality of these bees that continue to move ever northward and to both fascinate and alarm people.

Bees live in every region of the earth-except near the North and South poles. 

Africanized bees did not migrate from Africa, but rather, originated in Brazil.  They are a hybrid crossing gentle European honeybees with hardy African bees.

Scientists in Brazil were looking to make a hardier bee for better honey production; instead, the result was the aggressive hybrid known today as killer bees.
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Pets, Ponies and Pachyderms: Gone But Not Forgotten

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PetsPets enjoy a unique relationship with their human companions. Spoiled and pampered, sometimes the relationship becomes one that defies understanding … except to the animal and person(s) involved.


Surely a Great Dog, in the fading seconds of mortal consciousness, ponders worldly deeds. Did I save the Master’s life — or just hump his leg?- Unknown

-“They will also serve who stand and wait.” Or in this case lay and wait…and wait…and wait. Grey Friars Bobby, a Skye Terrier, followed his master to the grave, beside Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland and there laid for the next 14 years, being fed by those living nearby, his license paid by the Provost Marshall. On his death in 1872, a bronze statute was erected to his memory, and he was buried within the churchyard.
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Fun Facts About the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

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CockroachMadagascar is an island located just off of the Southeast coast of Africa. Before you start packing off for a fabulous African vacation, it might be fun to learn about just one of the island’s inhabitants. Here are twenty facts about the Madagascar hissing cockroach.

1. These hissing cockroaches are native only to the island of Madagascar, and if you see them anywhere else on earth … someone brought them there.

2. The males are territorial, and they fight intruders. Some may say that a Madagascar hissing cockroach is as stubborn as a goat because they fight ‘butting heads’ similar to a goat’s behavior.

3. Baby Madagascar hissing cockroaches are called ‘nymphs’.
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Primate Facts

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MandrillThere are over 300 species of primates in the world”and humans make up one of them.

The pygmy mouse lemur, the smallest primate, can fit in the palm of your hand.

Gorillas are the largest primates and can grow to be over 400 pounds.

Humans and gorillas are so closely related, they can even catch diseases from each other”thus glass enclosures at zoos to prevent disease transmission.
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Animal Mating Rituals

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Animal MatingNot too long ago, our family dog amused us with her unexpected courtship with one of the neighborhood strays. As the kids watched in amusement, the two dogs were sprayed down with a water hose in a desperate attempt to free them from one another. This, of course, spawned numerous questions from the children about the act with which they had just witnessed. What are they doing? Why are they stuck together? How long do they stay that way? Does it hurt the dogs? Having been inundated with these endless inquiries, I was amazed that even some of the grown-ups who were around did not know the answers. This, in effect, made me curious about the mating habits of other animals. What and how much do we really know? So I did some research ¦.
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The Ten Most Dangerous Spiders in the World

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SpiderYou know most spiders are harmless, but out of curiosity have you ever wanted to know the ten most dangerous spiders in the world, but to your amazement could not find a specific list?  That’s why this article was set up, and here they are, from least poisonous to most.

10) Huntsman Spiders.  These spiders are not dangerous, though they are known to be very aggressive, large, and their bites are painful.  Some are territorial and, like a watch dog, will attack anything it sees in “its territory.”  There are several species about the same strength as the Huntsman, most notably the False Black Widows, and Yellow Sac Spiders.  Found most commonly in Australia, California, and Japan.

9) True Tarantulas.  These are the big hairy spiders famous throughout the world.  True tarantulas are also known as New World Tarantulas.  These spiders are generally calm and shy, and rarely bite humans.  If they do, most normal adults are fine with only mild pain and swelling, though infants and the elderly can be more strongly affected.  These tarantulas can be found all over the Americas.
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Fascinating Facts About Tiger Attacks

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TigerTigers are the largest members of the world’s family of big cats.  Although for centuries they lived, more or less, harmoniously with humans-attacks were sparse-the past century saw mankind encroaching deeper and deeper into tiger territory setting the stage for unfortunate confrontations.  The following article is an array of facts about tigers as well as why and when they attack.

An adult male tiger can weigh about five hundred pounds and grow to be ten feet long.  A female generally weighs about three hundred pounds and grows to nine feet long.

Until the 1900s, it is believed that upwards of 100,000 tigers existed in Asia that included eight different breeds of tigers.  Today, only five of those breeds exist: Bengal, Siberian, South Chinese, Sumatran and Indo-Chinese.  The Caspian, Javan and Balinese breeds are extinct.
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Timber Rattlesnake Facts

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SnakeIf you’ve ever walked through the woods and heard something that resembled the sound of a rattlesnake … think twice about encountering the timber rattlesnake. Here some facts about the timber rattlesnake you may be surprised to know.

1. Timber rattlesnakes begin to crawl in early April in some places all the way until October!

2. Adult timber rattlesnakes shed their skin usually every 1-1 1/2 yrs.

3. The average lifespan of a timber rattlesnake is 16-22 years, some live for as long as 30 years.
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Fun Facts About Orcas: The Killer Whale!

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OrcaThe mere mention of “Killer Whale” usually evokes about as much fear as the mention of a killer shark but as you’ll see, Orcas aren’t so bad after all.

1. Killer whales can live as long as eighty years!

2. A Mama Orca carries her baby for 16-17 months.

3. Killer whales are a member of the dolphin family.
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10 Shark Facts

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Shark1) Dried shark skin (shagreen) was once used as sandpaper. In Germany and Japan it was also used in sword handles to provide a non-slip grip for the hilt.

2) Sharks have a life span that can reach up to 100 years. On average, sharks live to be only 25.

3) A shark is a fish, not a mammal. It breathes through its gills, has a backbone and lives in the water. Unlike other fish, the shark’s skeleton is made of cartilage, not bone. They don’t have scales. Rather, they have denticles.
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7 Shark Tooth Trivia Facts

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Shark toothGreat Whites have 24-26 teeth positions in their top jaw and 22-24 in their lower jaw. Each tooth position is arranged in rows of 5-7 teeth. It looks like a conveyer belt. When a tooth is lost, a tooth from the row behind it moves up to replace it.

At any time in a Great White’s life, he will have about 300 teeth in his mouth in various stages of development and will constantly lose and replace them in this way throughout his life.

Whale sharks have about 300 rows of teeth, with hundreds of tiny teeth in a row.
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Fascinating Facts About Komodo Dragons

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KomodoKomodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world and belong to the family of monitor lizards.

They live in Africa, Asia and Australia, but perhaps most famously on the island of Komodo in Indonesia where a national park has been created for its protection.

Komodo Island is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world-because of the dragons and also because of typhoons and dangerous reefs.
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Fascinating Facts About Insects

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InsectsInsect antennae are covered by tiny hairs that detect sounds, smells and chemical messages called pheromones.

Many dragonflies live near rivers and ponds where they can easily hunt other insects like mosquitoes and small flies.

Chewing insects have mandibles, powerful jaws, that allow them to crush, cut and grind their food.
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Fun Facts of the Animal Kingdom

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ATigernimals are fascinating creatures. Their abilities stun and dazzle human understanding. While there are many well known facts about animals some are yet to be uncovered. Below are some of the more interesting and unbelievable facts about animals, that will surely puzzle any person that takes a look. Sit down, relax, and get your brain thinking as you read some odd and fascinating facts about our neighbors in the animal kingdom.

1.) While humans can hold their breath for about a minute on average, a beaver can hold its breath for over forty five minutes.

2.) When a person hears the phrase “You can’t jump over your own head” they smile. Don’t tell the penguins that since they can jump over six feet in the air!
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Bird Dog Capital of the World

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Towns from corner to corner of the United States have gained notoriety for one thing or another and Waynesboro, Georgia is no different than any other.  It has the distinction of being named the “Bird Dog Capital of the World.”  The town proudly and prominently displays this fact across the town’s water tower.

Waynesboro gained its notoriety after Henry Berol established annual national bird dog competitions there starting in the 1950s.  Berol, a millionaire, moved to Georgia and immediately began to purchase small parcels of land, the majority of them being small farms.  He combined the land to create a large plantation that would be used for the purpose of forming a quail preserve. 

It wasn’t long until Berol helped to organize an annual national bird dog competition, known as the Georgia Field Trials.  This led to the town’s nickname,  “Bird Dog Capital of the World.”  People from around the world travel to Waynesboro to see how their dog would compete against the others.
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Catfish Facts

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CatfishCatfish are tasty, they’re funny looking, and they can sting you if you’re not careful.  But what else do you know about this plentiful fish?  Test your knowledge with these ten fun facts about catfish:

1. Catfish are found in every state in the United States, except Alaska, and on every continent except for Antarctica.

2. Catfish are basically warm water fish.  They inhabit mud-bottomed rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds.
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Feline Facts and Cat Trivia

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CatsContrary to popular belief, dreaming of a black cat is said to bring good luck.
Ailurophilia is the love of cats.

Did you know a cat cannot see the area immediately below its nose? And while humans have unique fingerprints, cats have unique nose pad prints.

Another similarity between cats and humans is the brain. The cat’s brain more closely resembles a human’s brain, rather than a dog’s.
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The Facts on Bats

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BatsConsidered to be one of the most beneficial of nature’s creatures, bats make for interesting study.  The following shorts are fun facts and trivia about bats.

Bats are not rats with wings as they are sometimes described.  They are mammals-the only ones that fly.

The earth is home to nearly one thousand species of bats.  Forty-four different species of bats live in North America.
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Strange but True Animal Facts

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Tiger* In Edmonton, Canada, red squirrels hang around the 10th and 18th holes of the Riverside Golf Course in order to steal golf balls. The squirrels then stash the balls in the trees and golf course staff has found as many as 250 in one tree. Why? Scientists think it’s because the squirrels mistake the golf balls for mushrooms.

* Fu Manchu is an orangutan that lives in the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska. It seems this smart orangutan is a locksmith. Zookeepers watched his cage after Fu Manchu kept escaping and found that he could pick the lock on the cage’s door with a wire. The smart orangutan is an honorary member of the American Locksmith Association.
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