ShrimpIf you’re a shrimp fan like I am this will probably interest you. I was amazed to learn some of these little tidbits and at the least; I can look smarter at parties!

* Freshwater shrimp can’t be boiled because they shrink to nearly nothing. I always wondered why my Daddy never passed a recipe to boil them up. I guess this is why.

* Freshwater shrimp are harvested on tiny farms. Most are from Asia.

* The word ‘prawn’ relates to freshwater shrimp.

* The scientific name for freshwater shrimp is Macrobrachium Rosenburgii.

* Freshwater shrimp are considered done when the flesh changes from looking translucent to an opaque consistency throughout.

* If you read ‘Shrimp Scampi” on a menu, it means that the shrimp has been cooked in garlic or butter.

* The word ‘macrobrachium’ means big arm, and freshwater shrimp makes actually have big claws.

* Freshwater shrimp usually doesn’t have much flavor but can be added along with other meats like chicken, pork or even pasta to make a tasty meal.

* Freshwater shrimp is sometimes sold breaded, stuffed, and packed with artificial flavor because they don’t have much flavor.

* Freshwater shrimp can weigh as much as six ounces. That’s some big shrimp!

* Freshwater shrimp are so big that in the market they are known as colossal shrimp.

* Freshwater shrimp are excellent fillers for entrees, soups or appetizers and can be eaten hot or cold.

* Freshwater shrimp belong to the Palaemonidae family.

Who would have thought … freshwater shrimp are pretty interesting!