ATigernimals are fascinating creatures. Their abilities stun and dazzle human understanding. While there are many well known facts about animals some are yet to be uncovered. Below are some of the more interesting and unbelievable facts about animals, that will surely puzzle any person that takes a look. Sit down, relax, and get your brain thinking as you read some odd and fascinating facts about our neighbors in the animal kingdom.

1.) While humans can hold their breath for about a minute on average, a beaver can hold its breath for over forty five minutes.

2.) When a person hears the phrase “You can’t jump over your own head” they smile. Don’t tell the penguins that since they can jump over six feet in the air!

3.) A human’s mouth can hold, at most, a cup and a half of water at one time. An elephant’s trunk holds anywhere up to one and a half gallons of water.

4.) As a young child losses a tooth to the tooth fairy it takes a couple of weeks to grow the new tooth back. A shark can re-grow an entire set of teeth in a little over a week!

5.) Human eyes take a couple of minutes to adjust to the dark, and be able to see efficiently. A cat sees perfectly in the dark. Roughly six times better then a human.

6.) The average American family will have two children in their family during their life time. A female mackerel lays around five hundred thousand eggs at a single time.

7.) The average American suburb has around sixty-three thousand people living in their community. The common ant colony will have over five hundred thousand members.

8.) With no sleep, a person will suffer death after the period of roughly ten days. Ants on the other hand do not need sleep at all.

9.) Humans with an average body build run six miles an hour on average. Dragonflies fly faster then sixty miles per hour.

10.) An American baby is born to be between three and five pounds. A Lobster however, has to wait at least one year before it grows to the weight of one pound.

Animals are truly fascinating, remarkable creatures. The animal kingdom is a wide area of variety with each family having special features the other does not know about. The above facts are a taste of how interesting our animal friends are. Sit down and do some research, I am sure you will find other amazing capabilities of animals.