AstronautAn astronaut’s life is far from boring. From a stowaway cockroach to sleeping straddled to a bunkbed, explore the crazy world of astronauts with these interesting facts:

1. In space, astronauts cannot cry properly due to lack of gravity. Their tears cannot flow down their cheeks.

2. Beans are a big no-no for astronauts. They aren’t allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing gas in a spacesuit damages them.

3. John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, carried pureed applesauce in squeezable tubes on his initial space flight.

4.  Astronauts on earth often train in swimming pools in their spacesuits to simulate spacewalks and test equipment.

5. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate the first meal on the moon – a roast turkey dinner in foil packets.

6. By accident, the Apollo mission brought a cockroach into space. The astronauts noticed the little critter but after careful inspection upon return to earth, couldn’t find it again.

7. In order to keep from floating around while sleeping, astronauts must attached themselves to a wall, seat, or bunk bed inside their cabin.

8. Astronauts use sleeping bags instead of blankets

9. After a good night’s sleep, Mission Control in Houston, Texas, sends wake up music to the crew. Usually, Mission Control will pick a song for a different astronaut each day or a family member can request a favorite song for their astronaut.

10.  In space, astronauts eat tortillas instead of bread because they don’t crumble.

11.  Most food in space is freeze dried and prepackaged to avoid spoilage because there are no refrigerators in space.

12. Astronauts use salt and pepper that is supplied in a liquid form because the granular form will float away before it hits the plate.

13.  Astronauts do not drink carbonated drinks in space because the bubbles go through an astronaut’s digestive system, rather than being belched out as on Earth, and may cause adverse side effects.

14. Scissors are a hot commodity in space because each food item comes in a separate package so if you use the scissors put them back where you found them!

15. Like most workers, astronauts get the weekends off for some rest and relaxation.