PheromonesPheromones are a natural chemical occurrence in humans and animals that essentially attract a member of the opposite sex. This reaction happens instantaneously and can directly affect the other person with or without their knowledge.

This is because of a small ‘organ’ inside of the nose that picks up on these pheromones and tells your brain that this person is attractive.

Now there is much debate whether or not pheromones have any effect on humans and no one has really proven it one way or the other. The closest thing that has come to proof was the discovery that we, just like animals, indeed have this extra organ in our noses.

Because the organ exists, many people think it must prove our reactions to pheromones are present. This is because the likelihood of an organ that does nothing is, though not unheard of in the human body, rare to say the least.

Okay, so now if the whole pheromone business is correct, how is that going to help you hook a man?

Well, as all major discoveries are usually marketed in one way or another. The idea of pheromones and their effects on human perception is no different. Many perfume companies are offering products with added pheromones to enhance the reaction when put up to the test.

These perfumes can range in price, from very little, to quite expensive and come in as many different scents as one can imagine.

But how will you know just what kind of perfume to look for, when there have been several human pheromones discovered already?

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret – not all pheromones will increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. In fact, some have been shown to actually decrease it dramatically. Obviously this isn’t the effect you are after when you are trying to get a certain someone to notice you, which is why many efforts have gone into tracking down the individual pheromones that will snag you your mate.

Luckily for everyone involved, a few of the pheromones that have been tested showed promising results. Specifically these are androstenol and androstenone, which can help to attract people of the opposite sex whether you are male or female. The other one that showed an increase in the attractiveness of the wearer was copulins, which is strictly a female pheromone.

Can pheromones help to rekindle that old flame?

If you and your partner have noticed you are no longer as attracted to one another as you once were, pheromones might be the answer you are looking for. Those feelings of overwhelming attractiveness are likely to return while the pheromones are in action.

This is good news to those considering leaving the relationship because the feelings are no longer there. If you still like your partner, and wish to continue with your relationship and bring out all the potential in you both, you might consider trying a pheromone based approach.