Hula HoopThe hula hoop is an ancient that has been used for centuries to entertain children. Do you remember having a hula hoop when you were a child? Chances are you do, and today you can still buy a hula hoop for the original price of $1.98.

* The hula hoop is a toy that was played with in ancient times.

* Way back then they were made out of bamboo, grass, metal, vines or wood.

* The hula hoop cannot be patented.

* Wham-O began producing hula hoops in 1958.

* Wham-O is the most successful manufacturer of the hula hoop.

* Wham-O raked in profits of 20 million dollars in the first six months that the hula hoop was on the market.

* Wham-O produces another ancient toy; the Frisbee.