Chocolate Candy* M&Ms were invented after Forrest Mars, the company’s founder, saw soldiers eating pellet sized snacks out of a long tube during the Spanish Civil War.

* M&Ms were first sold in long, cardboard tubes in 1941. The tubes were replaced with small, brown pouches in 1948.

* In 1954, the slogan “Milk Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand,” was incorporated to describe M&Ms. This was also the year that green, red and yellow M&Ms were first made.

* In 1976, red M&Ms were removed from packages because the red dye used to color them caused reactions in some people. In 1987, by popular demand, red M&Ms were back.

* In 1997, a personality was given to the green M&M. It is the only female in the color mix. She is a modern woman and all of the male M&Ms love her.