Feta CheeseYes, it’s great on a Greek salad and good to share with olives and pita wedges, but how much do you really about this quintessentially Greek cheese?  Test your knowledge with these fun feta facts.

1. To be called “feta,” a cheese must be produced in Greece.  “Feta” is a legal designation, similar to Champagne or Roquefort.  Romania, Bulgaria, France, and Denmark, among others, make similar cheeses, but they can’t be called “feta.”

2. The word “feta” is derived for an ancient Greek word, meaning, “slice.”

3. Feta cheese can be made from goat or sheep’s milk.  Most cheese lovers say the best comes from sheep’s milk.

4. Feta is one of the world’s oldest cheeses.  Homer writes about it in his epic, the “Odyssey.”

5. Feta cheese is about 25 percent fat, of which about two-thirds is saturated fat.

6. Feta is high in calcium and vitamin B12

7. A 1.25 oz. cube of feta cheese has about 100 calories

8. By Greek law, feta is cured at least three months in brine.