RacingCheckered Flag – Signals the end of the session or race.

Green Flag – Signals the beginning of a race and also signals restarts after a caution or red flag. Green states that the track is clear.

White Flag – This is usually waved when the leader of the race starts the final lap.

Yellow Flag – Signals caution. When the flag is held motionless racers must slow down and no passing is allowed. This signals that there is danger on the track. When the yellow flag is waved there is extreme danger.

Red Flag – Stops the race. Drivers should be prepared to stop at any time, and proceed to the pits.

Blue Flag – Signals that slower racing cars should yield to faster cars. This is the passing flag.

Yellow and Red Striped Flag – Signals that debris is on the track.

Black Flag – Signals that a particular racer or team must proceed to the pit. This may be due to a mechanical problem or it may be due to an infraction with the event rules.

Orange Circle on a Black Flag – Signals that a driver must go to the pit immediately due to mechanical problem with the vehicle.