LeprechaunLeprechauns, small in stature and dressed in green, are also thought to be the guardians of an ancient treasure.  Perhaps the Danes left the treasure when they were passing through Ireland long ago.  In fact, some believe they may have buried the treasure in crocks or pots, hence the tales of crocks of gold.

It is believed by many people and has been for many years that leprechauns are the shoemakers of the Irish.  In fact, some believe that the name, Leprechaun, comes from the Irish for shoemaker, leath bhrogan.  The name may have originated in the Leinster area of the country.  At any rate, the leprechauns are noted for being excellent shoemakers among other things.

However, it is thought that Leprechauns must avoid contact with humans in order not to divulge the whereabouts of the treasure, which is thought to be of great monetary value.  Hence, the Leprechauns are fleet of foot and constantly hiding from the humans who seek them out in hopes of tricking them into revealing the whereabouts of this treasure.  Leprechauns consider humans to be foolish and greedy, and, by all accounts, many humans are.

Leprechauns carry two separate leather pouches with them at all times.  One of them contains a magical silver coin, a shilling.  Each time the coin is used for payment of something, it magically returns to the pouch. 

In the second pouch, a gold coin is held.  The leprechaun may use this coin in an attempt to bribe his way out of a difficulty.  However, if he does give the coin away, it suddenly changes form and changes into something of little value such as ashes.

As you can see, leprechauns have a mysterious aura of magic about them.  For the most part, however, leprechauns are considered good folk who are simply attempting to hold to the task that was entrusted to them, protection of the treasure.  They do have a favorite drink, poteen, which can get them a bit tipsy should they imbibe a bit too much.

Within the family of leprechauns, one will also find the cluricauns.  The cluricauns are known to be rabble rousers who will create mayhem at a moment’s notice.  They delight in borrowing anything their little minds set themselves to and they especially like to raid larders and cellars.