The Clurichauns are leprechauns that are sometimes referred to as “His Nibs.”  An Italian version of this faery is referred to as Monciello.  They are always drunk.  Their mood is typically cheery until they have been given a reason to become surly.  Impeccably groomed and dressed, despite their inebriated state, the Clurichaun prefers to wear a red hat that may include a display of plants.

The Clurichauns have their origins in Ireland and are known to be the self-appointed guardians of the wine cellar.  The Clurichauns move about until they have settles upon a particular wine cellar to set up their home.  Nonetheless, Clurichauns prefer to remain aloof from others and spend their time alone for the most part.

Their magical skills include the ability to stop a wine cask from leaking for obvious reasons.  Plus, they can also prevent any wine from turning bad.

All intruders, or uninvited guests of the master of the house, will be chased away by the Clurichaun, especially if they attempt to take an uninvited drink from one of the wine casks.  The Clurichauns like to sing Irish folk songs throughout the day while they are in the wine cellar.

Clurichauns like to go outside once midnight has arrived.  They scamp about, riding sheep or dogs as though they are horses.  Clurichauns do not react kindly if they are mistreated.  In fact, if they are mistreated or even simply ignored by the master of the house, they will create havoc in the wine cellar and in the home.  The master’s wine will be ruined.  Unfortunately, once a Clurichaun has been mistreated, he will depart from that particular wine cellar never to return again.