As one of FOX’s more successful animated shows, œKing of the Hill has aired for several seasons. Despite this show’s popularity, there are still many facts that viewers don’t know.

Mike Judge, the show’s creator, is also the man behind œBeavis and Butt-Head.

Hank sounds remarkably similar to Tom Anderson (from œBeavis and Butt-Head) because Mike Judge supplied the voices for both characters.

The idea for Boomhauer came when Mike Judge received a message about œBeavis and Butt-Head on his answering machine.

Arlen, Texas does not really exist. Heimlich County is also fictional.

On the other hand: Alamo Beer, the guys’ favorite brand, is real.

Stuart Dooley is based on Butt-Head.

Bill Dauterive’s last name is the same as that of KOTH writer Jim Dauterive.

Hank’s middle name is Rutherford.

Before he took a job at Strickland Propane, Hank worked in a clothing store.

Hank has Bill’s name tattooed on the back of his head.

Cotton and DeeDee’s baby is named G.H., or œGood Hank.

Cotton’s shins were blown off during World War II.

Peggy drives out of town to buy shoes so that nobody in Arlen will know that she has man-sized feet.

The Hills were featured in an episode of œThe Simpsons.

Nancy Gribble had an affair with John Redcorn for over a decade before deciding to stop cheating on Dale.

Joseph is actually John Redcorn’s son.

Dale was the towel manager for Arlen High when he and his alley-dwelling buddies were in school.

Tom Landry Middle School is named after one of the most famous Dallas Cowboys head coaches.

Kahn and his family are from Laos. Kahn is a computer programmer: a stereotypical job for Asians.

Guest voices from past seasons include:
Ani DiFranco
Tom Petty (mostly, he plays Lucky “ Luanne’s boyfriend at one time)
Jason Bateman
Shannon Elizabeth
Brendan Fraser
John Ritter (in fact, KOTH was Mr. Ritter’s last TV appearance “ the episode aired in May 2004).