StrawberriesPeople love to see strawberry season! Fortunate people lucky enough to live near pick-your-own strawberry patches make picking a family affair but there’s a lot of things I bet you didn’t know about strawberries that will make these luscious summertime yummies, even yummier.

1. Health researchers say that 7-8 medium sized strawberries are considered one serving!

2. Strawberries only have 22 calories plus they’re rich in vitamin C and fiber.

3. Plant City, Florida is known as the Winter Strawberry Capitol of the World.

4. Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside.

5. The average strawberry has 200 seeds.

6. Strawberries can be grown in all U.S. states and provinces of Canada.

7. California grows so many strawberries that if laid out from end to end, they could circle the world 15 times!

8. Pregnant women should love strawberries because 20% of the recommended daily folic acid intake can be gained by eating just 8 of them.

9. Native Americans inspired the colonists to make strawberry shortcakes when they ground strawberries into cornmeal to make bread.

10. California grows enough strawberries that if given away, every U.S. household would have 12 pints.