NutellaNutella is like peanut butter, except better.  It is a chocolate-hazelnut spread great for bread, fruit, crackers, waffles, or pretzels.

It was first created in 1940 by the Ferrero company, now famous for their Ferrero Rocher chocolates. 

The hazelnuts were used originally as a filler because during Nutella’s first production, cocoa was difficult to come by.

Nutella was first manufactured in loaves, which then could be sliced and spread on bread to make sandwiches.

The spread was first called “Supecrema gianduja,” but then it was named Nutella in 1964

Nutella was an expensive import produce in the US until the 1990’s.

The Ferrero company has a plant in New Jersey in order to keep up with US demand for the product.

In European cities, crepes filled with Nutella are available from street vendors.

Because of its cultural familiarity and generation-spanning popularity in Europe, books have been written about this spread and it even guest-stars in some films.

Kobe Bryant, who was born in Italy, has been a famous spokesperson for Nutella.

It has been said that sales of Nutella outnumber sales of all brands of peanut butter combined.  It is marketed to over 75 countries.