CatsContrary to popular belief, dreaming of a black cat is said to bring good luck.
Ailurophilia is the love of cats.

Did you know a cat cannot see the area immediately below its nose? And while humans have unique fingerprints, cats have unique nose pad prints.

Another similarity between cats and humans is the brain. The cat’s brain more closely resembles a human’s brain, rather than a dog’s.

While dogs care more about whom they live with rather than where they live, cats seem more considered about where they live rather than who they live with.
Wow, an adult cat has 527 muscles, no wonder they can jump up to seven times its height and run 30 mph. Thank goodness for those foot pads since they absorb the shocks of falls and jumps.
Ah, the life of a cat. On average our feline friends sleep 16 hours per day. They must be resting those 290 bones. Of those 290 bones, 10 percent are in the tail.

When cats are not sleeping, chances are they are grooming, which takes up 30% of their time.
There are three different eye shapes for cats: almond, round and slanted. Cats also have three eyelids. Talk about good vision, cats can see up to 120 feet.

Should cats celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday as their Independence Day? Sir Newton was, after all, the inventor of the cat door.

If you think about it, cats are the only animal that purrs.
Anyone who has a cat or two won’t be surprised by this fact; in America more money is spent on cat food than baby food. How much more? A billion dollars! In reality, isn’t cat food really baby food?

Like human babies, kittens are born with blue eyes that change within a few months.

At 100-140 beats per minute, a cat’s heart beats two times faster than a human heart
The average lifespan is 18 years for an indoor female cat and 16 years for an indoor male cat. 

A female cat can have 21 babies per year if she is not spayed. This also decreases her life span.
White cats with blue eyes, or one blue eye, are more likely to be deaf than white cats with other colored eyes.

95% of cat owners talk to their cats. How sad for the cats owned by the other 5% because cats attain a great deal of security from the voice and tone of their owners. 

So, who wins in this feud between cat and dog owners? If there is victory in numbers then cats, which outnumber dogs in the US, are the clear winners. Worldwide there are 500 million cats.

Cats have four toes on their back paws and five toes on their front paws.

Sometimes cats are born with extra toes, such as a sixth toe on the front paw. This condition is called polydactyl.

What do cats and huskies have in common? Both have an under and outer coat of fur. 

A cat’s pupil is not only a light indicator, but a mood indicator as well. Large, round black pupils mean the cat is scared or wired. Narrow, small pupils means your cat is not happy–as in angry.

A cat’s tail is another indicator of emotion. A quivering tail is the best way a cat can tell you he/she loves you. A tail that is being whipped back and forth means your cat is not a happy camper and maybe you should give him/her some alone time.

When a cat kneads its paw it is an indicator that the cat is happy.

Biting and peeing out of a liter box are not good things, but if a cat bites you after seemingly enjoying being near your or being pet, it may be biting out of pleasure. And cats that pee in the liter box, but at times pee on your bed and no where else, it means the cat is marking you. Simple training will get the cat back on track. 

Though cats seem playful with strings, ribbons and rubber bands, these items can be fatal to cats. If your cat has eaten one of these items contact your vet.

Likewise, moth balls can cause organ damage to cats.