Tiger* In Edmonton, Canada, red squirrels hang around the 10th and 18th holes of the Riverside Golf Course in order to steal golf balls. The squirrels then stash the balls in the trees and golf course staff has found as many as 250 in one tree. Why? Scientists think it’s because the squirrels mistake the golf balls for mushrooms.

* Fu Manchu is an orangutan that lives in the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska. It seems this smart orangutan is a locksmith. Zookeepers watched his cage after Fu Manchu kept escaping and found that he could pick the lock on the cage’s door with a wire. The smart orangutan is an honorary member of the American Locksmith Association.

* Did you know that some polar bears are green? Yes, they live at the Singapore Zoo. No, they didn’t get into the green paint. It seems that some algae got into the hollow hairs of mother and her son and turned their fur green.

* For years people believed that hippos sweat blood, but this isn’t true. The gunk that is on their skin when the hot sun beats down is a special material produced by their bodies to protect them from the sun.