Willow Creek, California, has the distinction of being named the “Bigfoot Capital of the World.”  Located in Humboldt County, Willow Creek is a mountain community.  Additionally, it is located on the Trinity River.  Willow Creek is located to the north of San Francisco.

This town has held the name since the 1950s when a logger brought a plaster cast of a large footprint thought to belong to Bigfoot into the town.  He discovered the footprint near some of the logging camp’s equipment.

Who or what exactly is Bigfoot?  For over four hundred years, sightings in North America of a strange creature have caused a stir.  The creature is reported to have a large body that is completely covered with hair.  Bigfoot leaves large footprints that resemble the footprints of a human with large feet.

Reported sightings place Bigfoot in the wilderness areas of the North American countryside.  Maps of all of the reported sightings have been compiled for public viewing and for sale.  Bigfoot, the name given to this creature in the United States, is known as Sasquatch in Canada.

Willow Creek is full of interesting exhibits relating to Bigfoot.  The China Flat Museum houses one of these exhibits.  A walk along Main Street will turn up at least three statues of this big, hairy creature.  One of these is the very large statue, approximately twenty-five feet in height that takes prominence outside the Bigfoot Museum. 

The exhibits within the museum include footprint casts, photographs, and as much detailed information as is possible of Bigfoot.  The exhibit also includes a collection of interesting toys that have been produced in honor of Bigfoot.

The International Bigfoot Symposium, held in Willow Creek, has some of the elements of a scientific convention, as well as those of a pilgrimage.  Also located in Willow Creek is the Willow Creek China Flat Museum, which houses the Bigfoot display.

An Annual Bigfoot Celebration is completely dedicated to Bigfoot and draws hundreds of visitors and diehard Bigfoot enthusiasts from all around the country.  It takes place every year, during the Labor Day weekend. 

The entire town gets in on the celebration, starting with Bigfoot Breakfast Specials.  Next, the Bigfoot Parade travels down Main Street in all of its glory from costumed performers to extravagant floats. 

The Bigfoot Ice Cream Social continues the fun over at the Bigfoot Museum.  Not to be outdone by the rest of the town, the local firefighters host the Fireman’s Bigfoot Barbecue complete with chicken wings for the hungry and horseshoes for those craving activity.