GrappaGrappa is Italy’s brandy.  Like Cognac in France or Sherry in Portugal, Grappa has come to symbolize the Italian “joie de vie.” Are you familiar with this potent potable?   Test your knowledge with the fun facts about Grappa.

1. Grappa is made from pomace, that is the stems, peels, and seeds discarded during the winemaking process.  Usually, this consists of 50 percent skins, 25 percent grape stalks, and 25 percent seeds.

2. Grappa was first made in the Middle Ages.

3. Grappa was originally made in the town of Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto region of Italy.  Today, Grappa is made all over the world, from Italy to Oregon.

4. Grappa is between 40 and 50 percent alcohol, by volume.

5. Grappa was originally created so not to waste the leftover grapes from the winemaking process.

6. Like wine, Grappa’s flavor profile depends on the grapes with which it is made.  Some producers also add a sugar syrup to the distillation in order to appeal more to the American market.

7. Traditionally, Grappa is served cold and straight, not mixed.   Good quality Grappas can also be excellent when served at room temperature.

8. In Italy, Grappa is often added to espresso and called, “Café Corretto.”