NanotechnologyJust the word NanoTechnology conjures up images of future technologies that will undoubtedly change the way of the world, and to some extent this is true. NanoTechnology will change the way of the world and in many different areas but it is already being developed and improved as you read this article. NanoTechnology is simply technology at its smallest. While microchips in computers, television, DVD players and other electrical and electronic equipment may seem small now you wait until you see a nanochip. That’s presuming you can see it.

NanoTechnology has some very obvious uses. As cell phone technology increases but size decreases the use of NanoTechnology very soon becomes glaringly obvious. Computers too will more than likely be one of the areas to benefit from any advances but when you consider that circuits and chips made in this fashion will not only be smaller they will be hundreds of times more efficient and infinitely easier to contain and protect you will realize that the possibilities are truly endless.

Any difficulties we may now face with space travel will virtually be eliminated, as shuttles using NanoTechnology will eventually be like the Starship Enterprise. Ok, so it’s unlikely that this will happen in the next year or two but the possibilities are truly incredible. Personal health worries will eventually be a thing of the past; scientists are already working on creating artificial immune systems called Nanites (yes, like Jake 2.0) that can be injected into the body and will then patrol your veins, organs and blood to look for any potential problems and cure them before they even manifest themselves.

The implications of NanoTechnology are really quite far reaching. Consider a world free of disease and initially you may think how wonderful that would be but then consider that the Nanites would be able to slow the signs of aging. Far fewer people would die and the average lifespan could double, triple or even more. Soon there becomes a problem with over population, unless we can colonize other planets of course!