DiamondWomen have loved diamonds for centuries, diamonds have been dubbed a girl’s best friend and for good reason. Here are some facts about diamonds that will likely make a diamond more appealing to you for any occasion!

1. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.

2. Diamonds are carbon.

3. Only 20% of the world’s diamonds are suitable for use in jewelry.

4. The largest diamond ever found to date was the Cullinan at an astounding 3,106 carats!

5. Diamonds are formed from extreme temperatures and pressure in the earth’s crust.

6. Mother Nature is only capable of making diamonds. Man has yet to find a way to reproduce extreme heat and pressure like that found in the earth’s crust.

7. Most of the diamonds found in nature are anywhere from one to three billion years old.

8. The first recorded use of a diamond used for the purpose of a marriage proposal happened in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered Mary of Burgundy a diamond as a betrothal gift.

9. Diamond engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand because the Egyptians believed the vein in that finger ran straight to the heart.

10.  Man first found diamonds some 4,000 years ago in the Golcanda region of India.