AmazeThe world is full of odd facts that most of us just crave to know, if knowledge is power then be careful because your brain just might overload on some of these!

1. The ‘#’ key often called the pound key is actually called an octotroph.

2. “I am”. That’s the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

3. Mohammed is the most common name in the entire world.

4. The first U.S. President born in a hospital was former President Jimmy Carter.

5. Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” was the first CD pressed in America.

6. The average postal stamp contains 1/10th of a calorie.

7. 4.3 people are born every second.

8. The cat is the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the Bible.

9. By taking away one olive from every salad served in first class in 1987, American airlines managed to save an estimated $40,000.

10. The original color of Coca-Cola was green.