DragonBlack Dragons:

Black dragons are the largest of dragon species. They are four legged with an evil temperament and they often feed on other species of dragons, humans and elves. Both male and female are super aggressive when breeding, during gestation and when protecting their young. If females are not submissive, males often force them to breed, especially if they are a natural enemy. Black Dragon males of high rank often have a harem of females and keep female dragons of other species as slaves.

Element Dragons:

Element dragons are very territorial and are solitary creatures. Males will, at times, tolerate females within their boundaries and their territories often encompass the territories of up to five females.

Air Dragons:

Air dragons are able to control the weather, including clouds, fog, rain and wind. They are lightweight and are as fast as lightning. They tend to avoid confrontation as they lack physical power. Air dragons are never evil and are most often in a great mood. Their favorite pastime is flying and they only land to nest or sleep. They eat and mate in the air and give birth to live young. Their bodies are similar to that of a T-rex with wings. Air dragons are of average intelligence.

Earth Dragons:

Earth dragons do not have wings, but often do have large folds of skin that allows them to glide. They control the earth and its elements. They have four short legs that keep them close to the earth. They are of average intelligence and tolerate other species of dragons. They can be nasty when nesting and are only aggressive when mating. They will fight other males for a mate.

Fire Dragon:

Fire dragons live in areas of the world where there is a lot of volcanic activity. They are most often double winged and are either found alone or in small groups. Older males and females tend to be loners and they’re very nasty in temperament. They are below normal intelligence, take firedrakes as pets and give birth to live young.

Ice Dragons:

Sometimes known as Snow dragons, these icy creatures live in the far Arctic regions or on snowcapped mountain peaks. They control ice, sleet, snow and other Arctic type weather. They are of average intelligence, have a classic dragon body and give birth to live young.

Water Dragon:

Also known as Sea dragons, this species is very large. They have control over lakes, oceans, rivers, seas and streams. They can cause tidal waves, tsunamis, waterspouts and whirlpools.

Gem Dragons:

Gem dragons are exquisite, but are very rare. They are four-legged creatures that live a solitary existence. They are highly intelligent, have two wings and give birth by laying and incubating eggs.

Amethyst Dragon:

Amethyst dragons have bony spikes on their head and shoulders. Males often have short horns. Both male and females of this species are solitary creatures.

Crystal Dragon:

Crystal dragons are wingless. They live in Arctic and Polar Regions and in areas where there are glaciers and snowcapped mountains. Crystal and Ice dragons are competitors for food and territory.

Diamond Dragon:

These are the largest and most powerful of the gem dragons. They are highly intelligent and are gifted healers.

Emerald Dragons:

Emerald dragons love a rainforest environment and can be found in both rainforests and jungles. They are the smallest of the gem dragons and can be either good or evil.

Sapphire Dragons:

Sapphire dragons are evil tempered and very aggressive. They’re highly intelligent and enjoy privacy. They live on rocky bluffs and cliffs overlooking se fjords and sometimes compete with water dragons for territory. Males have long, hooked horns that hook forward while females have short, straight horns. Sapphire dragons, like many other dragon species, do have wings.

Topaz Dragons:

These dragons live in red desert canyon areas and can be either good or evil. They have T-rex body style with wings.