SharkIn recent years, movies such as Jaws have sparked much controversy over rogue sharks. This and the historical records that give statistics on shark attacks, like those in 1916 off the shores of New Jersey, have increased the myths and urban legends about rogue sharks attacking humans.

What is a Rogue Shark?

Myth proclaims a rogue shark is one that preys on humans deliberately. It moves through the ocean, not staying within the boundaries of its territory. It displays a behavior that is not typical of its species and stays in a particular area for days at a time where it attacks and kills unsuspecting humans.

Do Rogue Sharks Exist?

No one can say for certain that rogue sharks don’t exist, but they do not prey on humans in the way mentioned above. Some sharks do exhibit bizarre behavior; sometimes because they are hurt or sick. They act differently at these times just as we do when we are hurt or sick. Sharks will also move out of their territory when ocean currents cool, warm or change. Why? Because sharks follow their natural prey.

Shark Attacks

There is absolutely no evidence that sharks prey on humans. They will attack a human at times, especially if that human is splashing in the ocean and the shark is searching for food. A hungry shark is a mean shark and, just like all species, will kill to feed itself.

When there are several shark attacks in one day or over a period of a few days, it’s unlikely that the same shark is attacking. Why? Because sharks travel hundreds of miles daily. When the second shark attack occurs, the first shark would be hundreds of miles away, in a different part of the ocean.

There would be no sense in launching boats to search for a rogue shark after a shark attack on a human. Why? Because by the time the boats were launched, the shark would be miles away. The boats might find and kill a shark but the chances of it being the one that attacked are almost nil.