VinegarWe all know the common uses for vinegar, like adding it to your fish or french fries to give them some flavor.  But there are a lot of uses for the stinky liquid that many folks do not know.

White vinegar makes a wonderful window cleaner.  Next time you run out of your favorite window cleaner, use give white vinegar a try.  Mix one fourth a cup of vinegar to one quart water.  Also use newspaper to dry the windows.  You will be shocked at the wonderful results.

Most folks do not know this, but white vinegar can act as a chewing gum dissolver.  You should saturate the area with the chewing gum with vinegar and let it sit.  After it has had time to soak in real good, wash with warm, soapy water.  Note:  If the vinegar is heated before application, it will work a lot faster.

White Vinegar can be used as a stain remover for stains caused by grass, coffee, tea, and fruit.  Next time you are trying to battle a tough stain, soak the clothing in full strength vinegar before washing.  The results are amazing.  Move over Shout, vinegar is in the house!

And finally, white vinegar works wonders in eliminating smoke and pet odors.  Soak a few pieces of white bread in vinegar, and place them in hidden places around your house.  The vinegar will neutralize the odors.

There are things we already know about vinegar, such as it turns cucumbers into pickles, but there are some things about vinegar that are not widely know.  Trying vinegar in any of the above situations, and watch the results.