PumpkinDid you know¦

¢ A pumpkin isn’t really a vegetable? It’s actually a fruit!

¢ Roasted pumpkin seeds make a great snack?

¢ Before pumpkins were discovered, turnips, potatoes and even large beets were used for carving scary faces in?

¢ 90% of a pumpkin is water?

¢ Pumpkins got their name from Jacques Cartier? He reported the discovery of ˜gros melons’ which when translated into English became ˜ponpions’ or pumpkins!

¢ The flowers on a pumpkin vine are edible?

¢ Before the time of Columbus, Europeans had never seen pumpkins? That’s because they are native of the Northern Hemisphere (specifically Central America), and have been growing there for some 5000 years!

¢ Some Native Americans called pumpkins ˜isquoter squash’

¢ Pumpkins belong to the Cucurbitacae family? They aren’t alone, in there with them are squash, gourds, cucumbers, melons and gherkins.

¢ If you dry out slices of pumpkin, you can weave a mat? The Native Americans used too!

¢ It was once thought that pumpkins could remove freckles and cure snake bites?

¢ Pumpkins can weigh over 1000 pounds?