GreenGreen is one of the most abundant colors in nature — with almost all the vegetation on this earth being green.

Scientists say that each color has its own vibration frequency. The color green has a wavelength of 500 to 565 nanometers in the visible spectrum. It comes in several shades. An interesting fact is that the human eye is able to easily discern the green color from long distances. This fact is widely used in several applications.

By virtue of prolonged worldwide usage, the color green (as opposed to the red color) has come to be universally accepted as a sign of ‘safety’. Almost across the world, the green color signals safe, free passage (GO!) in road, rail, and air traffic. A green flag often signals the start or resumption of a race or an event. Similarly, night vision devices usually use green color to display the enhanced images for clarity. The green color is also commonly used to indicate the safety of drugs and medical products in advertisements. It is also used to promote ‘green’ products.

The color green is generally in harmony with nature – forests, grasslands, agricultural fields, and shrubs. This fact makes it very suitable for camouflage. Almost all over the world, armies use various shades of green for their operational field uniforms — except perhaps in deserts and snow-bound areas.

Dark green color is commonly associated with the financial world. In the North American stock markets, the green color denotes a rise in stock prices. However, in the East Asian stock markets, it is just the opposite.

Colors have their individual characteristics — affecting our moods and emotions. Even though, sometimes we do understand the effect of colors on us, we are yet to consciously learn to use colors to our advantage.

The color green has a very calming and relaxing effect. It is associated with healing, and is popularly used in hospitals, clinics, and green rooms.

In many cultures, green color denotes growth, learning, healing, abundance, fertility, and prosperity. It is believed to augur great success in any new venture. In ancient Greece, green color symbolized victory. In the highlands of Scotland, people wore green as a mark of honor.

Green is the color of the season of epiphany in the Christian world. Add to it the color red, and you have the colors of Christmas. The color green also symbolizes the Islam religion.

At the mystical level, the color green is associated with the heart, the lungs, and one’s willingness to live in the higher consciousness. It is believed to represent love and relationships.

The color green also refers to a political ideology. ‘Greenpeace’, an ecological group, uses green color because of its association with life and verdancy. Those who carry this into the political realm are called “Greens”. There are political parties known as “Green Parties” in several countries.

On the flip side, Shakespeare’s Othello has immortalized its connotation with ‘turning green with envy’. So, the green color is often used to refer to jealousy, envy, guilt, constriction, greed, and disorder.

Colors are often used as non-verbal communication to enhance the power of phrases like ‘green horn’, ‘green thumb’, ‘green-gills’, and ‘green-eyed monster’.

It is said that when you want a new state of balance in your life, feel the need for a change or growth, or desire freedom to pursue new ideas, put some green in your life! Green represents growth, balance, and harmony. It is a color of healthy relationships.