DiseaseYellow Fever was known as the “American Plague”.

Syphilis was considered having “Bad Blood”.

“Brain Fever” was what we know today as Meningitis.

“Rose Cold” is simply Hay Fever or nasal congestion from allergies.

Rheumatism was known as “Screws”.

“Jail Fever” was usually fatal. We know it as Typhus. It was also known as “Ship’s Fever”.

If a woman suffered from “Lying In”, she was soon to deliver a baby.

“Child Bed Fever” was an infection following the birth of a child.

Whooping Cough was known as “Chin Cough”.

A “Grocer’s Itch” resulted in a skin disease caused by mites in sugar or flour.

“Worm Fever” was known as an infection of the uterus.

“Softening of the Brain” was the result of a stroke or bleeding in the brain.

If you had “King’s Evil” you had Tuberculosis of the neck and lymph glands.

An over-extended stomach was referred to as “Crop Sickness”.

If you had “Dry Bellyache” you suffered from lead poisoning.