Ice CreamWho ever says that the U.S. isn’t a place famous for introducing any type of food to the world never heard of the ice cream cone. Anyone who attended the World’s Fair in St. Louis Missouri in 1904 witnessed something historical … if they sampled an ice cream cone.

In 1904 vendors scrambled to meet demand, the crowds were enormous and one ice cream vendor plum ran out of cups. A vendor next door was selling waffles, and thus necessity is the Mother of invention.

The nifty vendor ran next door for some waffles to put ice cream in and people loved it. The ‘Waffle Cone’ earned its name.

But there is some controversy.

There are mentions of the first edible ice cream cone in Düsseldorf, Germany in the 1800’s but no substantial proof. Then on the other hand St. Louis did experience tremendous growth in the late 1800’s when lots of German and Italian settlers came to town.

While no one is sure of the name of the man who served up the first ice cream at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, no one argues that he could’ve been German.