Towns from corner to corner of the United States have gained notoriety for one thing or another and Waynesboro, Georgia is no different than any other.  It has the distinction of being named the “Bird Dog Capital of the World.”  The town proudly and prominently displays this fact across the town’s water tower.

Waynesboro gained its notoriety after Henry Berol established annual national bird dog competitions there starting in the 1950s.  Berol, a millionaire, moved to Georgia and immediately began to purchase small parcels of land, the majority of them being small farms.  He combined the land to create a large plantation that would be used for the purpose of forming a quail preserve. 

It wasn’t long until Berol helped to organize an annual national bird dog competition, known as the Georgia Field Trials.  This led to the town’s nickname,  “Bird Dog Capital of the World.”  People from around the world travel to Waynesboro to see how their dog would compete against the others.

The preserve was destined to become one of the largest quail preserves and incorporated 8,100 acres into its domain.  After Berol passed away, the Department of Natural Resources for Georgia purchased the entire plantation and managed it as a wildlife area for public use.

Berol’s plantation includes a bird dog cemetery.  Personalized gravestones for at least seventy bird dogs remind onlookers of the special merits of each of these fine animals.  To this day, the canine cemetery is open to visitors.  Unfortunately, the cemetery is full and if you are looking for a final resting place for your bird dog, you will need to look elsewhere.

Located in Burke County, Waynesboro is approximately 151 miles away from the state capital of Georgia, Atlanta.  Waynesboro also has the distinction of being named after a famous general from the Revolutionary War, Mad Anthony Wayne.  Additionally, it is located a mere 25 miles south of Augusta. 

Also located in Waynesboro are the Burke County Museum, numerous old churches, and various antique shops.  The museum dates back to 1858 and retains the distinctive architectural facets from that time.  Once referred to as the J.D. Roberts house, its original resident, the building was renovated around 1970 to maintain its current look.  It is here that you will discover interesting facts about the area.  The town also offers a golf course with five lakes for those who need a bit of relaxation after the stress of the field trials.